Jodi McDonald model


Help support woman's vert skateboard pioneer Jodi McDonald and her fight with beast cancer. 100% of proceeds go to help her with medical bills.

Available in the Jodi shape, 8.5 wide
Also available in popsicle shape sizes 8in, 8.25, 8.5 & 8.75

Boards are pressed as ordered, Made in the USA

If you don't want to purchase a board but would still like to help Jodi. Here is a link to her gofundme page.

For those of you who don't know this summer Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer. She found a lump in her left breast and was scheduled for a partial mastectomy, the week of her surgery she felt another lump in her right breast. After further testing she was told she would have to under go a full mastectomy. She has decided to hold off on surgery to take a holistic approach.

She has found a clinic in Durango that specializes in holistic oncology that she has chosen to work with. She is on a strict regimen of supplements and raw organic food. The cost of working with the clinic in Durango and her protocol are not covered by insurance. With Zac being the sole provider for their family they are starting to feel the financial impact of Jodis diagnosis and treatment. The funds from this gofundme will help alleviate the financial strain and allow them to focus on Jodi's healing.