Dave Brockie "Sargon" Limited Snowboard (50 to be made) W/ Signed/Numbered Poster by Dave!


Dave Brockie "Sargon" Limited Snowboard, Only 50 to be made! Comes with a signed and numbered poster by Dave. Boards are built and shipped on a first come first serve basis. FREE SHIPPING in USA (email for shipping cost elsewhere) Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery (usually alot faster).

That's right, own a piece of rock and roll history with the very special limited edition (only 50 to be made) SINED/Dave Brockie snowboard. For those of you that don't know it, Dave Brockie is one of the founding members of the grammy-nominated rock group band GWAR, and the malevolent mind and mouth behind GWAR's supremely evil front-thing and FOX News intergalactic correspondent, ODERUS URUNGUS! But Brockie is much more...a writer (check out his blog at rvanews.com), an illustrator (check out his work at oderus.com) and an avid snowboarder!

The boards feature two illustrations by Brockie...the original ”Sargon” on the top deck, and from the mythology of GWAR, “Prince Ray Pierre” the dreaded “French Demon”, graces the bottom. The board is made to the highest standards and the illustrations look superb. Enjoy it not only as an amazing stick but a beautiful and collectible piece of art from one of the underground's most prolific and dedicated artists. Brockie and his cohorts have kept GWAR and Slave Pit going for 25 years, so mark this incredible achievement by possessing one of these truly unique objects d'art.


Length 151cm Camber 151cm Reverse Camber
Eff. Edge 119 115 Waist 24.7 24.7
Sidecut 7.4 7.4
Tip/Tail 29.1 29.1
Flex 4 4


Length 155cm Camber 155cm Reverse Camber
Eff. Edge 119 119
Waist 25.3 25.3
Sidecut 7.6 7.6
Tip/Tail 29.2 29.2
Flex 5 5


Length 158cm Camber 158cm Reverse Camber
Eff. Edge 124 124
Waist 25.0 25.0
Sidecut 7.7 7.7
Tip/Tail 30.0 30.0
Flex 6 6

Made from- Core Aspen, UHMW Sidewalls, Carbon Strips, Triaxial Fiberglass, 14x2 Inserts, Sintered Stone Ground Base waxed.

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